Difference Between Indian Rummy and Gin Rummy

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Did you know, Gin Rummy and Indian Rummy are one of the most popular variants of Rummy? Though there are many other variantsthat exists, these two are notably the most played by players. However, there are a few players who confuse the rules of both the games. If you fall in the same category, you ought to read this blog, as it unveils the entire concept and difference of two games that set them apart from each other. So, without consuming much of your time, let’s come straight to the point.

The Basic Definition

  • Indian Rummy –Indian Rummy or 13-card rummy game has its origin in India and is played in offline and online mode. The name 13-card itself suggests that each player in the game receives 13-cards. Also, if played online, players can play it for free as well as for cash and on 2-player table and 6-player table. Indian Rummy is further categorized into 3 variants – Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy.
  • Gin Rummy –As far as Gin Rummy is concerned, it is a 2-player game. Each player on the table receives 10-cards each to play the game. In this game, ‘knocking’ means that a player can declare the card by discarding it in the finish slot. Also, the unmatched cards are known as ‘Deadwood’ and shouldn’t exceed 10 points while knocking.

The Game’s Objective

  • Indian Rummy– As rummy is an easy game to play, its objective is even simpler. A player needs to meld the cards in hand into a valid Sequence and/or Set before an opponent player. A player acquiring the least points and declaring the game first will be the winner of the game.
  • Gin Rummy – A player needs to meld the cards into a valid sequence and sets until another player lays his/her card down. That is, a player has to score 100 or more points as soon as possible.

Concept of Joker Card

  • Indian Rummy – In each pack of 52 cards, there are 2 Joker cards. These cards are used to form an impure Sequence or complete a Set.
  • Gin Rummy – There is no Joker Card concept in Gin Rummy, and no rules are associated with it.

Playing with the Cards

  • Indian Rummy – As the game starts, each player sitting on a two-player or a six-player table has to draw and discard a card upon their turn. For instance, if a player draws a card, then another card in hand will be discarded to a discard pile.
  • Ultimately, a player has to make sequence and/or sets with the cards that are dealt with them. If a player feels that they can’t give their best bet in the game, they can choose to drop. There are three types of drop options – 20 Points (if a player drops before making their 1st move), 40 Points (making a middle drop), and 80 Points (making a wrong show).
  • Gin Rummy– The aim of the game is to score 100 points by making melds that can be Sets or Sequences. A non-dealing player has a chance to pick his/her card from an open pile. If he/she refuses to make use of it, then the dealer gets the chance to use it. If the dealer also refuses to use it, then the non-dealing player may pick the card from the closed pile.

Ace Card Usage

Indian Rummy –In this variant of rummy, Ace card also known as a Face Card can be used as the first as well as the 14th card. Like, Ace, Two, and Three make a pure sequence. Similarly, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace also form a pure sequence.

Gin Rummy – In Gin Rummy, Ace card is only used as a first card. So, you can only make a pure sequence using the cards – Ace, Two, and Three and not Jack, Queen, King, and Ace.


Both Indian Rummy and Gin Rummy are the most played games. However, if we compare both the games, then Indian Rummy is more skillful as compared to Gin Rummy and keep its players enthralled throughout. If you are willing to play this exciting version of the game, Rummy Passion is the best platform to choose.

You can play Indian Rummy both for free and cash. If you want to earn while playing, Indian Rummy by Rummy Passion is the best place. The site is filled with ample offers, new promotions, and numerous rewards. So, don’t just wait! Get started now!

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