What is the difference between copper & steel tank in a water geyser?

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The water heater is essential for users who are buying itself because a good quality of water geyser is never easier to find out. When you go to the market to find several brands of water heater that is offering plenty of features.

Confused about which one is right and best suited to your needs, that time is daunting for you. Sometimes you buy as it is of your neighbors are using that time fail to understand some of the features appliances and get cheap brands.

Difference between copper & steel tank of water heater

The manufacturer of water heaters in the market, giving several different brands and name to some specific sections of their products. Thus, here will discuss your details about the material of copper and steel tank of a water heater, let’s start to know-

Why need to coating in a water heater?

As you know, the primary purpose of buying a water heater is to store hot water to use it frequently when needed. Initially, this manufacturer coats the inner surface of appliances with an anti-corrosion when it converts cold water into warm water.

The most important thing in a best water heater is the durability. Durability should always be checked before going for a water heater or geyser for home.

The material used to make the storage tank of water heater-

Why copper is preferred than Steel?

Copper is a good conductor of heat that’s the problem its repercussion is a loss of heat so there is no need for water heaters and it is also corrosive. On the other hand, stainless steel allows better insulation, but it also needs an anti-corrosion coating on its surface.

But the copper is better insulation as compared to stainless steel to protect from heat going out of the tank. Apart from this, a stainless steel container is also one of the better options as compared to copper. Virtually, it is better to have a stainless steel container.

Thermoplastic material is also non-corrosive, but the worst thing is that it is not a good insulator as compared to stainless steel tanks which are best as far as the combination of insulation and anti-corrosive properties are concerned.

Working model of water heater

Every water heater is connected with two pipes-one is an inlet pipe and the other is the outlet one. The tank in which water is collected is fitted with a water heating rods. These rods are controlled in such a manner that water does not heats to temperature above a certain limit. All the geyser tanks are coated with an insulating material.

The principle on which geyser works is the conversion of electric energy into heat energy. This is done by the heating rods which are placed inside the water tank.


Mainly, the choice of the inner tank is vital to drive the insulation of the water heater and sound insulation to lower the heat loss. However, stainless steel inner tank for lower heat loss but when you are going to buy, you should look at the standing loss and BEE star rating of the water heater. A water heater with lowest standing loss and stainless steel container would be durable, effective, and long-lasting.

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