Do Sarees Play an Important Role in Indian Wedding?

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A saree is a really crucial piece of attire for an Indian bride. No matter how modern the times have become, a saree will always be the prime choice for a wedding outfit. An elegant and chic Indian wedding saree has its own grace and most of the times becomes the center of attraction or the talking point at an Indian wedding. There is a lot of time and even money that is spent by a bride to be while making a choice for the perfect saree.

Below are a few points which clearly highlight the importance of a saree in Indian weddings.

Representation of Indian Culture

Traditions and culture in a country like India have changed a lot in the last few decades but certain things have remained constant. One such thing is a Saree in a Hindu Indian wedding. A saree acts as an identity for a bride and is a great representation of the beliefs and culture of a specific community. As every Indian community has its own style, these styles are well reflected on the sarees.

Importance of the Saree’s Color

There is an importance of the saree’s color for a bride. The traditional red saree is the famous representation of a bride to be. In most cases, it is red, however, it can be green and yellow as well or even a mixture of these along with some other colors. Every color has its own significance and value. In some cases, it is the personal preference of a bride that decides the color of her saree.

Highly Versatile

There is no such dress other than a saree which can be more versatile. A saree is considered the epitome as far as versatility is concerned. There are numerous ways in which a bride can drape a saree and be the center of attraction on her wedding day. Nowadays, with designer sarees gaining in popularity, a saree has become the unanimous choice for brides with a plethora of beautiful options available out there.

Gives You an Identity

A saree is just not a wedding attire rather it’s more of an identity for a bride to be. They are more of a representation of the culture and beliefs of a community. There is a specific meaning and significance associated with every element of a saree. Every Indian community has its own style of wedding sarees. A saree provides its own unique personality to a bride. Every symbol or embroidery on a saree has its own significance. 

Summing Up

All the points which are highlighted above are enough to suggest the importance of an Indian wedding saree. In recent years, the importance and popularity of a saree has only increased. A saree will always be on the top of the shopping list as far as the different wedding attires are concerned. It is considered by many the best ethnic wear for a wedding and is the most crucial investment. Hope you choose a great saree for your big day!

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