How To Keep Ice Long For More Period In Your Cooler Box?

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A cooler box has become one of the essential camping gear when you decide to travel or camp. The small box lets you store your perishable food and drinks for days. Well, if you don’t have one for your next summer trip, make sure to buy one. You can always choose to go with a medium-sized cooler. But before you make your decision, make sure to read medium cooler reviews to know about the performance of the cooler you are buying.

Your cooler is not less than any investment and you have to think about every factor as you do before making an investment. Now, if you are planning to spend a weekend doing camping stuff, we have listed down a few tips that will help you in keeping ice for a longer period. Make sure to check these tips and implement them for the best results.

Fill your cooler with ice

Start with filling your cooler with ice and store enough ice that there is no space left in the cooler. This will not let the warm air enter your cooler and ultimately, the absence of warm air will not impact the ice. Your ice will stay longer than ever. Above that, the contents you will put inside the cooler will also stay longer.

Keep your cooler away from the sun

 Always make sure to keep your cooler away from the sun. When the cooler comes under the direct exposure of the sun, the rays falling out of the sun impacts the ice and melts it away. So, find a place where there is no ray of the sun and place it there only. This way your ice will remain for a longer time period.

Don’t open your cooler again and again

 Another thing that you can do to maintain the ice retention of your cooler is to avoid frequently opening your cooler. Every time, you open your cooler, the cold air escapes out of your cooler and your cooler comes in direct contact with the hot air in the atmosphere. This way, your ice has more chances of melting fast. So, make sure to open the coolers when necessary.

Use Large Blocks of Ice

 Using the larger blocks of ice have advantages over the tiny pieces of ice. The large blocks of ice stay longer than the other and due to the less surface area, it does not melt easily. Well, you can use dry ice inside your coolers. There are a few precautions that you must take in order to prevent any damage to your body. Don’t touch the dry ice with bare hands and always wear protecting gears while filling your cooler with dry ice.

Bury your cooler in the ground  

If you are traveling at the beachside, you can always choose to bury your cooler in the ground. When you dig the ground a bit, you can sense a coldness in the ground and that’s the place where you can put your cooler. Usually, the top layer of the ground gets hot due to the direct encounter with the rays of the sun but after digging a deep, you can find your spot.

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