How does The Travel Industry Flourishing by Implementing API

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Within a very short period of time, the travel industry has witnessed tremendous growth in terms of commercialization of the sector, where sellers and buyers can coordinate with each other to distribute the travel contents without making any error.

The last few decades have seen an evolution of efficacious technology, implementation of which proffered the industry a platform to flourish its roots and increase the sales on a larger scale, thus making it one of the most successful and highest profits earning sectors in the world. Looking at the bright side of the travel industry, businessmen and entrepreneurs are turning their head towards investing in travel business.

The best part of investing in this business is, it promises you to scale-up your business and earn you more profit along with customer loyalty. But all these could be possible only if you are well-aware of the frequently changing needs of your each customer, proper strategy to market your business both offline and online, utilization of the latest technology to proffer the trending platform to facilitate your customer with out of the box services and most importantly a long-term and robust coordination with global travel content suppliers.

The coordination with the travel content suppliers is very essential since it can help you aggregate the travel related products and services from multiple suppliers. To aggregate the huge data of real time availability, price, connecting places, location, hotel rooms, seat layout of flight, time and date of journey, discounts and other facilities, you must implement a robust technology into your online booking system.

When you decide to take your business to the next level, API or Application Programming Interface comes to your rescue. A travel portal software with API has the capacity to associate with other 3rd party API, such as suppliers to get immediate access to the flights, hotels and other related information. It facilitates the other 3rd party software program to interact with another company’s application.

When travel product suppliers, such as, hotels and airlines open up data and services in a secure way, they can control who has access to their data and what can they do with it. It is beneficial for more efficient and scalable development process. Deriving business revenue from search and booking streams is an important asset for travel companies.

Features you will avail in Travel API integration advance module are as follows:

  • Flight management module enables to manage the flight booking list, manage markup, manage discount for both B2B and B2C.
  • The deal feature in this module enables to add hot deals for flight and hotel with customized offers.
  • Staff management feature enables the admin to provide accessibility of a particular functionality only to certain specific staff.
  • Coupon management feature enables the admin to create new coupon codes for different services.
  • Payment management feature enables the admin to get the record of all the payments made specifically for B2B and B2C.
  • Epoint management governs the epoints given to the customers on registration and while making the bookings.
  • Convenient fee management is used to add convenience fees on each transaction for both B2B and B2C distinctly.
  • Admin ip management is used to restrict a particular ip from accessing the admin section.
  • The admin section also covers query, newsletter, media and testimonial management.

Final Words

The only way to escalate the realm of your travel business is to provide your customer with a platform that enable them to search, select and purchase your services from multifarious options.

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