How Hotel Extranet is Advantageous for the Hotel Sales Channels

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A Introduction to Hotel Extranet

With the innovation and implementation of technology in the travel industry, millennial travelers are relying more and more on online travel booking engine that enables them to search, select and book from multifarious sources of global travel contents. The whole process is so convenient and easy to use that, it encourages people to come to the booking engines to make their itinerary perfectly.

If you talk about the OTAs, it gives the user access to the real-time availability of airlines, hotels, rental car, bus service etc. and depending on the requirements people make a purchase from such sites. Looking at the popularity of such online sites, even hoteliers are developing their own web-based network to attract the attention of their probable clients. It has become a necessity for hotels to integrate XML Hotel API to deliver quality accommodations with rich contents at competitive rates.

The Hotel Extranet system acts as a single application that allows travel agents to upload their self owned contracted hotels and give them access to their online system so that they can input their own hotel descriptions and other relevant data. It enables hotel properties to manage inventory, rates, cut off dates and minimum night stays. It is compatible with leading management tools.

This effortless system facilitates the hotel partners with the ability to distribute inventory through the entire booking extranet of websites. From the availability of room, eateries and food menus, room images, hotel images, prices, exclusive deals and other amenities all should be designed in a way, so that the user can get the searched results instantly.

It would be beneficial for the hotels to provide a hotel booking platform, using content from multiple suppliers to meet the exact requirements of customers. With a wide range of options to choose accommodations for multiple locations, availability of each hotels, various prices and deals offering by the hotels depending on the room type and facilities, the task of navigating through multiple suppliers can become a simple and easy task, if you opt for the best API provider for hotel, which has the ability to provide the strongest technology, your agency requires.

Benefits of Hotel API

  • Choose the modules that are right for you
  • Wider choice of hotels
  • Real time availability and confirmation
  • Access to excellent negotiated rates
  • Integration support
  • Clean and accurate data
  • Cost savings

Final Words

All hotels regardless of size and shape, category or location can be listed on your site easily. The Hotel Extranet Admin is simple and easy to use, where hoteliers can allocate a certain number of rooms to sell through the OTAs. It offers you the opportunity to secure more bookings and increase your occupancy by giving you the facility to enter the number of rooms available right up until the last minute.

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