Creative Tips for Custom Hair Extension Packaging

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In any business, custom packaging is an art that eventually serves as a marketing tool. Through unique packaging, you get the chance to convey a marketing message to customers. This guarantees that they purchase your product. If you deal in the sales of hair extensions, then having custom hair extension packaging will serve as a major factor that determines the success of your brand. The question that most people ask is how to make the boxes more innovative?

In this post, you will get some creative ideas to make your hair extension packaging new and unique.

Be Creative and Think of New Ideas

Hair extension boxes usually appear simple, but if you wish to have a prominent box compared to your competitors, you should add some twist to it. For example, you can choose a different color scheme for labels on the sides of the boxes. You can also opt for custom patterns or designs. Ask your packaging and printing company, such as The Legacy Printing to add your brand name, company logo, product attributes, and taglines in embossing, spot UV, matte or any other coating. A bow over these boxes will also look great and attract your customers.

Add Some Fun Element on the Custom Hair Extension Packaging Boxes

Fun packaging is not just for kids. You can give the boxes unusual shapes, colors, and sizes. For example, you can choose a square or round shaped hair extension boxes, in your preferred size. Add fun elements on the boxes like creative images, and patterns.

Focus on the Importance of Hair Extension Packaging

Most people have a misconception that hair extension quality comes first and packaging second. However, this is not true. The first thing that your customers will notice is the packaging, so you want it to be special. Make sure that you discuss all the options with experts, to make your hair extensions stand out.

Focus on Your Target Audience

Just as it is with every other product, you have to focus on a specific target audience. These could be aged people, young women, teenagers, or grownups. Hence, if you are into the manufacturing of hair extensions, your goal should be to create thehair extension packaging boxes according to the target audience. Furthermore, you don’t only want to tailor the hair extensions according to customers, but it should also impress your targeted market.

Choose Recyclable Packaging Boxes

You should choose recyclable, or biodegradable packaging boxes for hair extensions. This is an innovative idea and a new trend these days. You can choose Kraft packaging boxes, or corrugated Kraft boxes, which are renowned for their eco-friendly characteristics. They are environment-friendly and keep the hair extensions safe from environmental factors. Another great idea is to merge two packaging boxes. This way, you can come up with something eye-catching and classy at the same time.

Get Window Hair Extension Boxes

Adding the window feature to these boxes not only makes them special but also allows the customers to view hair extensions in the packaging. This will give onlookers an idea of the quality before they buy the hair extensions.


The bottom line is, if you wish to create something unique, you should go for custom hair extension packaging solutions. Remember that having custom boxes will not only keep the hair extensions safe but convey a final message to your targeted audience. Compare the packaging styles of your competitors, then choose a new style for your brand accordingly. Add window features, go for sleeve boxes, pillow boxes, flip top boxes, and pull out boxes as well as various other creative options.

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