6 Instant Spring Upgrades for Home to Try

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As a new season brings with it a new attitude, a new approach to how we dress and renewed energy, spring should also inspire a clever rethinking of how your home looks.

Just as spring cleaning can be considered a form of self-care, welcoming spring into your home with a few minor decorative tweaks and updates not only refreshes your home, it also works to infuse your space with the season’s energy.

You can also take the required help from any reliable electrician Sydney who can assist you with the necessary electrical upgrades.

With that in mind, we’ve culled tips for practical & easy spring decor upgrades to help you transition your home effortlessly into the new season.


Cliché as the phrase “pops of color” is in the design world, there’s never been a doubt about the mood elevating impact richly saturated hints of the unexpected can add to any room.

While continuing to incorporate your signature tones from room to room, spring decor upgrades can be a time to experiment with brighter shades and energetic patterns outside of your comfort zone as you can incorporate them on any scale without being too feminine or spending a fortune.

Think fresh floral, marine stripes and pretty pastels that won’t compete with your existing decor to evoke the season indoors while color connecting every room for consistency.

From something as easy and affordable as switching out a lampshade to brightly hued vases, to statement-making patterned pillows, throws, and accessories, to add-on’s that are light and airy, going for pieces that lend a polished contrast throughout your home will keep it feeling renewed.


It is noted that all times that you invite in the fresh blooms and the intoxicating plants with savvy sprint décor and upgrades. Probably one of the most affordable and obtainable easy decor upgrades you can add to any room is plants.

Plants do triple duty year-round as they add freshness, and clear toxic elements from the air while increasing oxygen levels, and come in a variety of textures, hues, and sizes.

From miniature potted succulents that are effortless to manage to large-scale freshly cut flowers, it’s easy to source plants to suit your home while elevating your spirit as nothing brings in the beauty of warmer months like vibrant hints of nature.

When it comes to adding fresh flowers to common rooms, you can stick to subtle with small floral in a grouping of playful bud vases, or add a sense of drama with a bold arrangement as you can go for the unexpected since they take little investment, and time.

And unlike decorative objects and faux floral, garden fresh greens & flowers are ephemeral in nature – meaning that you won’t tire of them or be stuck storing them once the season passes.


Although it’s comforting to have almost every aspect of a room’s decor balanced in place, it can be uninspiring and monotonous to find yourself looking at the same placements day in & day out.

And while it’s not necessary to completely rearrange a room every season, you can manage to change the atmosphere with a few quick moves by focusing on accessories.

Consider rearranging coffee table books, collections, and decor objects as well as light upgrades through the emergency electricians Sydney for an easy refresh with minimal effort while utilizing pieces you already own.

This way, you get to experiment with your existing placements while ultimately seeing what worked, and what you could work better.


Though winter has its own natural decorative signatures, think of spring decor upgrades as a time to highlight the seasons more casual attitude with beautifully crafted artisanal extras.

From nautical rope finished objects to natural linen fabrications, the season boasts its own assortment of elements that will add a polished juxtaposition of nature indoors.

Use brightly hued pom-pom trimmed throws and neutral-hued fringed pillows to add a comfortable yet subtle textural play to even the most minimal of rooms.

That said, keep in mind that the eye doesn’t tire of neutrals as easily as it does of color, and unique neutrals can lend a room as much impact as much as bright colors.


To keep your space aesthetically consistent, think of spring decor upgrades that use similar styling tricks as the seasons change by sticking with what appeals to you while adding inexpensive accents that will instantly add a sense of play and energy throughout your home.

It can be as simple as sourcing vibrant cloth napkins and placemats, switching out a small rug, changing out your duvet cover or bed skirt, or slipcovering seating and headboards in floral or colorful graphics textiles for an elegant way to punctuate a room, while adding a second life to your furniture.

Plus, as they can be quickly changed out, they’ll work as seasonal decor that’s easy to store come winter.


If you find yourself having the luxury of finding your favorite rooms flooded with natural light come spring & summer, take advantage of the light by using it to illuminate different elements in each room.

White accents, rugs, bedding, and tablecloths work to add a crisp finish as light moves through those materials in different ways, making a room look brighter and airier and this can be done in a great way through the professional electricians Sydney.

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