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Cleaning is a never ending job- no matter how much effort you have showcased in your cleaning chore, there is always this fresh dust and sludge which are hidden in the corners waiting to put all your hard work to waste.

Irrespective of how hard you try, you will not be able to get rid of the household chores. Only with the help of the right apps and gadgets, you can clean your home in a rapid manner.

What is more relaxing other than staying under the comfort of a clean and decluttered home? But, it can take on a lot of toils to find a balance and stay updated of all the household chores. The following are 9 such apps which will aid you to spend less amount of time cleaning so that you can devote that time to something more productive.

You can now use these home cleaning apps to help you in stay aloft from the crowd as they help you in your dusting and keeping a track of all your housekeeping work.

1.   Sortly

The first and foremost thing involved is to tidy up the things which are scattered all over the place and then commence with your scrubbing job. This app will help you a lot to remind you of the things which you have sorted out and where you have kept them once you have removed all the clutters.

All you need is to click a picture and then add a tag note about where it is kept before you keep them in someplace safe. This app will help you sort everything quite easily.

When you decided that you wanted to sell off an object which is of no longer useful to you, add a price tag and save it in your app.

2.   Neato Robotics D7

It is a wise decision to invest in a robot that will do all your chores when you become tedious of using a vacuum once every week.

As the robot strolls on the carpets and hard surfaces, they pick up every dust and dirt and then returns to its charging base automatically.

Neato Robotics D7 is the most recommended among most. This AI based innovation has the ability to avoid obstacles while it moves; it can easily handle cleaning in both the corners and crevices and can be operated remotely.

All you need is your phone or a voice command to a Google SmartHome or an Amazon Echo. The manual task which is involved here is to empty the bin once a week.

3.   TaskRabbit

It is not a mandatory thing to perform every task all by yourself. TaskRabbit connects you to people who are most willing to lend their hands into your cleaning chore.

There are cleaning professionals out there like the ones from renowned waste management contractors rubbish removal sydney who will do all your cleaning and junk removal work for you.

The simplicity of this app is the main appealing factor here. You have all the details here like who are available for your job, the charges they impose along with the feedbacks of their previous hirers.

The app here is capable enough to handle everything starting from communication to scheduling to payment, they handle all.

4.   Welikera Dust Buster Cordless

You will come across smaller messes that are easy to clean with your hands even though you have a robot vacuum cleaner.

This is the reason why you need a dustbuster here which is a compact rechargeable flexible mini vacuum. This device will help you to get the cleaning task completed faster as they are not heavy in weight like the traditional cleaners.

5.   Tody

All you need is to stay on top of several small tasks which have their own schedule. These home cleaning chores can all will be sorted and organized by Tody.

The app helps you to categorize your cleaning job and allows you to set a frequency for all. It also reminds you of your next task as it tracks your performance in a progress bar.

This app also gives you an idea of how much help or how many people you require to get the work done.

6.   Pocket Casts

There is no app in the market today for your smartphone who can do the cleaning job on your behalf.

To overcome the chores in a swift manner, they provide you the right type of entertainment with the help of which you will have no idea of how the time passed off.

You can listen to a podcast on a speaker as you are not forced to stare at a screen which can be distracting. Headphones also come with it to relieve you from the noise of a vacuum cleaner.

Pocket Casts is the app which is recommended by all though you will find many podcast apps. It all involves handy and easy to use features and above all this app have intuitive features too.

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