Why Visit Oxford City? 6 Reasons To Go

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Oxford has always been a tourist attraction to visitors for centuries not only because of the magnificent University but also due to its fascinating culture and rich history. Oxford is England’s one of the oldest towns and is full of memorising sites and culture. So, if you’re a traveller and haven’t visited Oxford yet, then it’s time you give a visit to this gorgeous city.

We have mentioned some points that show why you must visit Oxford at least once in your life. But, don’t forget to book a taxi to reach Oxford quickly if you’re travelling from Heathrow or Gatwick airport.

Ashmolean Museum

Known as the first public institution of its kind in England – Ashmolean museum is one of the best museums to visit in Oxford. It was built in 1683 and held a great history. You can spend hours sitting in the centre of the museum and enjoy a wonderful evening.

Free Tours to Oxford City

Ever heard about a place where you can get a free tour of the city? – Footprint tours in Oxford city take help from students to provide free trips to visitors. With Footprint tours, you’ll get the chance to explore the places that you never thought existed. Also, you’ll get to visit the locations where Harry Potter was filmed.

Oldest Pubs in the UK

Some of the oldest pubs in the UK are located in Oxford, and all of them are still open. Some of these pubs were started in the 13th century. These pubs have all kind of drinks that are present in the world, so you’ll get a lot of options to choose from. Also, some famous celebrities of the UK have hosted parties at these pubs.

The Covered Market

The oldest market in the history of the UK – the covered market was structured around 1774 century. There are more than fifty shops in this covered market that sell a vast variety of things. From handcrafted items to homemade apparels, you can buy anything from this market. Also, if you’re a fan of bakery item, then there are many shops that offer handmade cookies and biscuits.

Live Music Concerts

Many people think of Oxford as a traditional city, but it is home to some of the best live music concerts in the UK. Every year, artists from all around the world came to Oxford to perform live on the stage. From Jazz to Rock to music operas, you can get a taste of every music in Oxford. Most of the music events are held in the famous Holywell Music Room.


There is no benefit of visiting a city if you don’t taste its food. There are many restaurants in Oxford that cook delicious food items. If you start exploring the food in Oxford, then it will be difficult for you to choose between Oil Thai, Yeti, Big Bad Breakfast, or other street food items.
These six reasons are enough to give you the spark that you need to visit Oxford.

Final Words

However, there is one crucial thing that you need to keep in mind. If you’re travelling from any outside country, then you’ll choose to arrive at Heathrow airport, which is far from Oxford city. So, what you can do is book a taxi from Jewels Airport Transfers to reach Oxford from Heathrow. Booking a cab will make your journey comfortable and convenient.

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