Why to choose a community college over traditional four year schools?

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Why More Students are preferred to Choose Community Colleges rather than Traditional Four-Year Schools?

Community colleges are becoming the raging trend amongst the students and the parents. They are rooting for taking up courses in the community colleges rather than universities that offer four year universities.

In the recent times the four year degrees were a necessity for all the students and carried way more prestige and professional preparation compared to their 2 year counterparts. With the times the prices of the 4 year universities has begun to rise and simultaneously the community colleges have expanded their fields of study and improved the quality of the education that they are delivering.

The four year universities have seen a sudden dip in the number of student enrollment and the student the population is decreasing drastically. Now, we need to study why more and more students are planning to switch to community colleges and not taking up courses in the four year universities.  

The pros of studying in the Community Colleges

With the economy taking a poor shape and due to the high employment rate all the students are choosing the community colleges over the regular 4 year university courses. There are many benefits of studying in the community college, some of which are:

  • Community colleges are run for the welfare of the whole community and which is why the fees is very reasonable. Students are able to save a thousand of dollars by studying in the community colleges and at the age when students have to earn as well as pay for their tuitions at that time saving money is a big thing and why not? So, this is one of the major reasons people are rooting towards community colleges for seeking education.
  • The public in-state tuition of Johnson County Community College situated in Kansas City is $3090 which is less than the state average of $3503. The in-state tuition has just grown up by 7% since last four years, which is quite reasonable as compared to all the private institutions that make drastic changes in the fees quite often.
  • Community colleges offer a variety of courses, major in a variety of subjects and that too without breaking the tuition bank in the higher education.
  • Community colleges focus upon giving quality education to a very limited number of students. Taking in too many students at a time is not what the community schools/colleges prioritise. The sole focus of the community colleges is to impart quality education.
  • Community colleges only hire only highly qualified teachers which is why all the students who are newer to a feel left out as the higher qualified teachers call well equipped with knowledge and are the master of their area of expertise.
  • Community colleges provide both night and day courses so that people who wish to have night as well as day courses can work as well as study.
  • If you are studying in a community college then you can easily get your credits transferred to another college or any educational institution.
  • The community colleges follow open admission policies where the students are given admission who have really low grades so that even the weak ones get a chance to work on their grades and improvise it.

How do you know if community college is right for you?

Now, it is for you to decide which will suit the best for you. There could be various reasons for you to decide which will be the perfect fit for you whether it is the private or the community college.

Here are a few things that you need to go through before making your choice;

  • If you are planning to pay for your college fees yourself then you it will be the best choice for you as getting admission in a community college is not going to cost you much money. It will be reasonable and as a student you will be able to afford it
  • If you just want a see through the window of a community college the world of higher education. Who knows you might end up disliking the course that you have taken up.
  • You get a flexible schedule when you take up a course in a community college which means you can earn as well as study

Advantages are many now, it is upto you to decide whether is the best choice for you or not!

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