Why Are Wayuu Bags Still A Relevant Trend In The Handicrafts Niche

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What Size Is The Handicrafts Market?

With over 54 million users , almost the entire population of Italy ,Etsy, the biggest handicrafts community on the internet attests the real scale of this market. Selling handicrafts has become a real industry and its potential to become even bigger in the next years is a challenge that should be met with an ambitious mindset. A market in which an exponential scalability is almost inevitable, marketers and business owners should tackle the new challenges to keep up with this booming industry ¿How are businesses facing this challenge and what are they doing to add perceived value to the market?

Small Businesses are starting to hyper-specialize on their niches and focus on product branding, uniqueness and originality. Such is the case for Ethnic garments sub-niches like Wayuu bags online stores that have focused their entire marketing strategy on the promotion of one single product. ¿How have they managed to still be relevant and popular?

Why Have Wayuu Wholesale Bags Become a Trend?

Wayuu bags started booming in 2014 and since then , extravagantly color saturated pictures of these shoulder bags have flooded Pinterest and Instagram feeds. These handicrafts , originally woven in La Guajira by the indigenous women of the Wayuu Community of Colombia have set a trend that is likely to last due to an unbelievable display of raw weaving dexterity and skill. ¿What makes these handicrafts still relevant in the Handicrafts Niche? Why is it that Wholesale Wayuu Bags became a trend?

They Are Unique Pieces of Artwork

Every thread ,color combination and weaving design is uniquely crafted by a single artisan. This gives singularity and originality to the overall outcome of the piece , which is a huge purchase incentive for handicrafts enthusiasts.

They Excite The Eye Of The Consumer

Highly saturated colors that arouse the sight, triggers the desire of the Instagram lurker to consolidate purchase intent and become a potential lead. Bright colors and intricate designs display uniqueness and singularity, and the stand out effect builds a craving effect on the social media user.

They fit in with the already settled Bohemian/Hippy Trend

Wayuu Bags are a perfect complement for the already successful mainstream Hippy/Bohemian fashion trend. The shoulder bags ethnic appeal combines perfectly with a bohemian clothing style, and become part of an already marketable niche with abundant social proof, that has been successfully boosted by Instagram influencers.

They Are Being Sold Everywhere

As 5-year-old Wayuu Bag sellers, we can attest that Wholesale Wayuu Bags have been successfully sold everywhere, ranging from clothing venues in Oslo to coffee shops in Japan, the potential to be sold almost everywhere makes these items a highly versatile product.

Steep Demand Growth and Market Consolidation

Instagram influencers and Retail giants like Amazon and to a slightly less degree, Ebay, have successfully boosted the popularity of these handicrafts. With this high exposure and the rise in demand ,the market for these handicrafts has started to consolidate.

Cons of Wholesale Wayuu Bags

They are somewhat seasonal products and tend to be sold mostly during summer in the northern hemisphere. As the main markets for these products are Europe and North America, there tends to be a sales downfall during autumn and winter.

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