What to Do When Your Luggage Goes Missing from The Airport

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Mishandling of passenger luggage is continuing to haunt the flight passengers even today and it is regarded as one of the major drawbacks of the aviation industry. Baggage loss is one of the three major complaints by flight passengers, airlines and airport authority are facing till now. Losing, misplacing or mishandling of luggage can leave any passenger stranded and furious and when they are paying a hefty amount of money while booking a flight ticket, they have all the rights to claim compensation for their lost luggage.

Looking at the growing number of complaints, the airport authorities have come to the conclusion that- in case of mishandling and missing luggage from the airport or authority, passengers are eligible to claim compensation from the airport or airline authority.

Here are a few important tips for you on what to do when you lose your luggage and your airline is the culprit.

If you don’t find your luggage in the luggage claim area

If you have handed over your luggage to the luggage check-in counter before boarding your flight, then after your arrival at your desired airport, you directly go to the luggage claim area to get your luggage and when after waiting for a long time, you don’t find your bag, there’s nothing can be as agonizing as this as your luggage may contain your clothes, important documents, purse etc.

You should immediately complain about the airline for the lost and as proof show them your boarding pass. In this case, the airline authority should either get you your luggage or compensate you.

When you get to know your luggage has been mishandled or you have lost it, do the following:

  • Immediately contact your airline representative, who will guide you to the luggage claim counter. There you will be asked to fill up a form with all your basic details and contact information.
  • The airline will track your luggage and in case if your luggage is sent in a wrong flight, it will be with you within a few hours.
  • In case if you have incurred any expense due to the loss of the luggage, the airlines have their policies to reimburse some compensation for such a scenario.

It is better to carry important documents and money in your carry-on bag. Also, each airline has its own luggage loss policy and before booking any flight, go through the policies. It will help you claim your right in such a scenario.

Book your flight ticket from an online portal for flight and know the policy of each airline.

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