What Is The Scope Of MBA After Engineering?

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Pursuing an MBA after engineering has become a popular trend of profession these days. A large number of students with B.Tech and B.E. degrees and considerable years of work experience opt for an MBA. 

What relevance does an MBA hold for engineering graduates? What can an MBA degree add to the technical skills of an engineer? These are some of the basic questions that might arise in one’s mind. Here are some of the possible reasons for a person shifting from engineering to MBA.

What Are The Benefits of MBA After Engineering Courses Like B.E. and B.Tech.?

Doing an MBA from one of the Best MBA Colleges in Hyderabad has its own perks. Following are some of the factors that help in the decision making the process of opting for MBA and PGDM courses after completing the bachelor level engineering courses from reputed B.Tech and B.E. colleges in India. Some of them are:

Career Growth

There are times when engineers may lose interest in their specialization and decide to switch to management practices at the professional front. Besides, the salary for a recently graduated engineer is not much, and MBA seems like a better option in terms of salary packages.

An engineering student’s average salary package is approximately Rs. 11 lakh, but if have a degree in MBA, this can go up to Rs. 18 lakh and the number goes up as you move up the corporate ladder. Also, an engineer who is in a technical role may want to move up the hierarchy and widen his career choice, so they can opt for an MBA which will facilitate a smooth transition to a managerial role.

Cracking MBA Entrance Exams is Easy

It is quite easy for engineers to crack CAT, SNAP, XAT,  and other MBA entrance exams as a major part of these entrance exams are Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude sections. Most of the engineers are good at solving these as they develop these skills in their course.

Better Business Acumen

Doing an MBA program offers more exposure to management related issues, something that is lacking in an engineering program. It is highly beneficial for people who want to start their own business someday or have a career in consulting. 

An MBA degree further adds strategic and qualitative skills to the already existing technical skills of an engineer, which will make them an asset for a prospective employer.

Lack of Interest in Technical Specification

There may be people who do not find interest in the field of computers or the technology domain. They have probably pursued engineering as they were not clear regarding their goals or area of interest. So, they can rectify this by pursuing an MBA after engineering. As a result, a lot of new avenues may open up for them. One can pursue a course from the Best MBA Marketing Colleges in India

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Personality Development

Engineering graduates that opt for MBA get a fair chance to enhance their personality. The MBA curriculum emphasizes on group discussions, presentations,  projects, and industrial visits. They can hone their communication skills, gain more confidence, and develop leadership abilities.

What Are The Career Options And Scope Of MBA After Engineering?

An MBA after engineering does not only attract a well-paying job but also opens up a lot of new career avenues for students. Some of the career options that will be available are listed below.

  • Jobs in private as well as public sector
  • As a financial analyst, in accounting and financial planning
  • In the banking sector
  • Self-employment opportunities
  • Senior management posts in HR, Sales, and Marketing
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