What Can SEO Do For My Landscaping Business?

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Landscaping is not easy. It is a dedicated and laborious profession. Oh, and let’s not forget the extreme competition! So, what is the secret of success? How can you stand out from a growing mass? The answer to this old question is that of digital marketing services, especially search engine optimization or SEO for short.

The world has changed. Gone are the days when a landscaping gardener got his way and printed strategic advertising. We are now living in a world of Google search, and marketing activities must evolve to keep up.

As the weather warms and the grass begins to grow, the new homeowners in your area will look for lawn services before their lawn gets out of hand. If someone writes SEO for landscapers in google, they will probably choose a company that is on the first page of results. If you are buried on page, you are losing potential leads that could generate a large amount of money.

However, SEO requires a lot of continuous work, and you should focus on closing new clients and providing them with the best lawn care services on the market today. That’s why you need a dedicated team of SEO specialists who work tirelessly to win the battle for search engine dominance.

How Will We Do SEO?

9sail has a proven SEO strategy that strengthens landscape businesses in the United States. We understand the challenges that landscapers face on a daily basis and, through our efforts, we will turn your site into a lead generating power.

Technical Review of Your Website:

What are the strengths of your website? What are your weaknesses? Do you have a blog? Is your contact information current and consistent? These are questions we ask when performing a detailed analysis of your current website. We are looking for where we can optimize your content so that Google search bots know about it.

We need to familiarize ourselves with your business. In what lawn care services have you specialized? Who is your target audience? We dive deeply into your content to make sure we know your business upside down.

Competitive Analysis:

Who are your strongest competitors? Who is currently in the SEO mountain of gardening near you? We immerse ourselves in their websites with as much attention to detail as we do. It is important to understand what your competition is doing and why it works for them.

Seo is all about the keywords. Who is looking for something in your area? It is an answer that we need to discover. We use the most advanced Google tools and perform a comprehensive analysis of the local lawn care industry.

It is important that we find out what services people are looking for and, more importantly, how many we search for each term. When 500 people search for “Landscaper” in a month, but 2,000 search for “Lawn care”, we know where we should prioritize our efforts.

Title Tags and Meta Description:

A common mistake that most landscapers make is not thinking much about their title tags and meta descriptions. Very often we see title tags that say. This is the last missed opportunity. You need to tell Google what you’re doing, not who you are.

Some entrepreneurs do not even know what a meta description is. This brief extract is crucial to SEO efforts. A meta description is a brief summary of the content of your website. It’s what people see on the page of a search engine. It’s also something that Google pays attention to when calculating SEO results. Writing an optimized meta description is an art form of its own.


SEO forces Google to take a look at its website. With a little bit of simple content and improvements in the construction of links, your site will rise in the ranks of Google until you claim the number one. Imagine, you could sit down and let the lines generate themselves. That can make a strong SEO campaign for you!

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