What Are The Important Hindu Temples To Visit In Switzerland?

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Iskcon Krishna Temple Switzerland

Hindu temples have spread every day throughout the globe. Even in some nations overseas, such as Switzerland, Hinduism is quite widespread and so we see many Hindu temples being built in Switzerland. Here are some of the very famous temples that are being built in the Swiss region.

Young scouts from Swiss Krishna decided to open a temple in Zurich in the year 1980. Because of the advancement of fortunate circumstances, they had the chance to purchase an elderly villa at Bergstrasse 54 in Zurich. This focal temple provided a Krishna-sanctified location for a wider network of temples as well as fresh perspective results for lectures and conferences.  

Within a few years, this has boosted the number of people, and the Krishna Temple on Bergstrasse in Zurich has since become a location familiar to the town. If you want to visit Switzerland you can opt for Dubai to Switzerland holiday package.

Sri Vishnu Thurkkai Amman Temple

The Sri Vishnu Thurkkai Amman Temple is one of the best Hindu temples in the best city of Dürnten in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland.

In the year 1990, an interreligious society was set up in the canton of Zürich to support the establishment in Switzerland of a centre for the spiritual and cultural care of Tamil people. So, as a non-profit foundation, the Sri Sivasubramaniar Temple in Adliswil was established in 1994. Although some 5,000 Indian Hindus established their own social organizations in Switzerland, but not a temple, since the 1990s the Tamil Hindus closed 19 religious buildings.

Bern Kalyana Subramanya Swamy Temple

The temple is located on a building’s first ground. It’s a tiny temple in dimensions but well kept. Subramanya swam with Valli and deivanai in the main garbha griha (Sanctum Sanctorum). To the left Nataraja and to the correct Ganapati nagabushi. 

Nava Graha sannidhi is also on the part of the primary sannidhi. The temple will be available from 6 p.m. on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. At 9 p.m. The temple will be opened for more time on Fridays and festival days.

Zurich Lord Shiva Temple

The temple is located on a building’s first ground. There are Nataraja and Shakti in the Garba Griha (Sanctum Sanctorum) behind Shiva Lingam. Before the Lord, there are two Nandis. There are two Nandi before the Lord. Nava Graha sandhi is also on the side of the main sandhi. The temple will be available from 7 p.m. on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. 

At 9 p.m. Also on the other significant festival days, the temple will be accessible. The temple will be opened for more moment on Fridays and festival days. The church will also be available in the afternoon in Markazi’s month (Mid December–mid-January).

Hindu Temple Basel

The fusion of three current temples established one of the exciting temples in Switzerland the current temple. These include the shrines of Siddhi Vinayakar Alayam, the Temple of Sri Rajeswari Ambal, and the Temple of Sri Subramanian. The consecration of the temple took place on July 4, 2004, with Mandalâpisekam, a major cleansing and sanctuary. 

The club got termination notice at the end of 2008 as the property was sold. So he’d been looking for a fresh location. The temple that is at Milanstrasse 30 in the Basler Dreispitzareal has been under a building since the end of March 2009. 

These above are the details of certain temples located in Switzerland. Look at these next time you’re also planning a visit to those locations. Opt Switzerland holiday packages from Dubai.

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