The Growing Trend of Tungsten Ring

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Style and quality form the basis of selection of a ring. With changing fashion, traditional rings are getting replaced by modern ones. Tungsten rings are becoming popular in fashion. Due to the modern touch, cool look, high durability, and plenty shine, tungsten rings have become a choice of many.

What makes Tungsten Ring a Good Choice?

Tungsten rings may benefit over the traditional rings. Be it for a wedding or simply for fashion, tungsten rings can be good for both the purposes. Some of the benefits of tungsten rings are listed below.

1. Look

Tungsten rings offer a modern and unique look. The contemporary appearance of such rings has an added advantage over the traditional rings of gold and platinum. The choice of rings for men is limited. The masculine look of the tungsten ring makes them a good choice for men. The brushed black tungsten ring and blue tungsten ring offer a superior look than other rings.

2. Density

Tungsten rings have a high density similar to traditional metals like gold. This quality invests tungsten rings profitable. These rings can be a good alternative to platinum and gold.

3. Hypoallergenic

Many people are highly sensitive and allergic to metals. For those people, tungsten rings can be a better choice. Being hypoallergenic, these rings are ideal for people having metal sensitiveness.

4. Durability

​Due to the hardness of tungsten rings, they have high durability. They do not bend easily and are scratch resistant, unlike the traditional metal rings. The shine of the tungsten ring also doesn’t fade away easily. This makes the ring a popular choice.

5. Low Maintenance 

Tungsten rings have a low maintenance cost. As they have high durability and do not tarnish or rust, the maintenance cost is very low.

6. Variety and Colour

Tungsten rings are available in different varieties. It is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. The availability of tungsten rings in different colors is yet another attraction. Brushed black tungsten ring is quite popular for its look. Blue tungsten ring gives you a cool feeling.  Tungsten rings are also available in classic gray and white color.

7. Affordable

Tungsten rings are available at a reasonable price as compared to platinum and gold. Due to its low pricing, it is easily afforded by many.

8. Good for different Occasions

Tungsten rings can be a good choice for men’s wedding ring. Not just for wedding purpose, but tungsten rings go well for daily and casual wear too. Due to its variety of design and color, it has become one of the popular fashion jewelry.

Why do Tungsten Rings fail to be the Right Choice?

Even though tungsten rings have so many pros, still it has certain drawbacks too. The various disadvantages are listed below.

1. Heavy

Tungsten rings are heavy. This nature causes difficulty in work. Being heavy, tungsten rings are uncomfortable to wear while working.

2. Breakable 

The hardness of tungsten rings has its share of disadvantage. The harder a metal is, the more breakable and brittle it is. Once hit hard against any rough surface, the tungsten ring may break or crack. Once damaged, it cannot be repaired or worn ever after.

3. Cannot be Re-adjusted

This is one of the major disadvantages of tungsten rings. Once made, these rings cannot be resized. All attempts to adjust these rings go futile. Too many attempts may even lead to breakage of the tungsten ring.

4. Might go Out-dated

Fashion keeps changing. Tungsten rings are currently trending in fashion. But with passing time, the craze for tungsten rings might decrease. It might go out of fashion with changing trends. Unlike the traditional rings, tungsten rings are not timeless.

In recent times, tungsten rings are becoming increasingly popular. Like every other metal, tungsten rings have both pros and cons. Still, because of the unique designs, elegant style, and long-lasting nature, tungsten rings have gained popularity. Tungsten rings are perfect for both women and men. With tungsten rings, you can have the look of the precious ring at a very affordable cost. Depending upon the various considerations, you can decide whether tungsten rings are the right choice for you or not.

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