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Come September, and even the air starts smelling festive. With some of the major festivals of the year lining up so soon, one of our major worries is what to wear and on which day. No one wants to be left out in the fashion game, and everyone wishes to make a statement in their own personalized look. Be it a festive day at home with family or a special garba night with friends, you cannot forget fashion behind.

Yet, one must choose either from purely traditional styles or attires that add a dash of modern clothing to the traditional outfit. This calls for other considerations – comfort, lightness of the fabric and garment, ability to carry it all day while at the same time running errands for the festival. At the same time, there cannot be any compromise on the look or on your personal style, isn’t it?

The Chaniya Choli – A perfect choice this Navaratri

The chaniya choli is a popular choice of traditional attire worn by many women in different corners of the country. Some wear it as a piece of everyday clothing because of such customs, while for the others it is a piece of festive wear that they choose to don on some special occasions like Diwali or family gatherings. Although this is opted for by a number of women, you can still manage to look elegant and unique in the attire.

Why go for Chaniya Choli

If you are someone who loves to imbibe their cultural roots and feel special donning a garment that has been worn by women of your land for ages, the chaniya choli is the perfect choice. The attire is lightweight and very easy to carry. At the same time, it is quite trendy and doesn’t look out of place at all if worn suitably. Many women also prefer wearing it regularly at their homes. Considering you are making a choice for the Navaratri, there could be nothing better than a chaniya choli for you.

The vibrant colours

Although all clothing can come in bright and vibrant colours, the chaniya choli manages to stand out from the rest. The dress is famous for the different kinds of styles, prints and embroidery it could come in, each of which presents a brilliant blend of colours and an overall splash of vibrancy. Although you could choose a more subtle colour, the festive season calls for some play and fun, doesn’t it?

The mix and match game

Mostly, chaniya cholis are known to come with plain looking blouses or cholis for company. This is because the blouse in this look, as compared to that in the lehenga, is not supposed to be the centre of attraction. But who said you couldn’t style it your way? There is always room for trying out to mix and match and get the best of both worlds. All you need to keep in mind is the colour coordination and the fabrics.

You could go for an embellished blouse or an embroidered one to add an extra element of dazzle to the look. You could use one with laces or one in sheer. You could choose to give the dupatta a miss and flaunt the blouse with enthusiasm. The chaniya choli is as much about the choli, isn’t it?

If you are a little more enthusiastic, you would want to go a step further and blend traditional with modern this time. crop tops are the rage today, so it would be great if you could use a crop top as a choli and style your chaniya with it. You could choose to go for a backless blouse or you could ace the look by playing a little with the sleeves. These days there are a number of designs sleeves come in – bell-shaped, flared and even cold-shoulder. Perhaps it is time these styles are tried on the chaniya choli too.

Have fun accessorizing your look

Although the chaniya choli is a vibrant garment in itself, there could be times you would want to pair up a simple chaniya choli look with some great accessories to not let go of the fun. Even with a heavily embroidered or embellished chaniya choli, accessorizing can be a lot of fun.

The kamarbandh is one such accessory that goes perfectly well with the chaniya choli. Not just does the accessory add tons of excitement to the look, but it also is a perfect solution for flaunting your figure even without showing any skin. It is also perfect for when you decide to give the dupatta a miss, and kind of makes up for its factor.

Anklets or payals, which Indian women are fond of flaunting, are perfect for the chaniya choli look. It adds to the elegance and grace of your look and lends a sense of playfulness to your overall personality. Considering the number of errands, you could have to run all day during the Navaratri, wearing a payal with the chaniya choli would not just add beauty to your feet, but also pleasant sounds for those nearby.

Turn heads on garba night in your chaniya choli look

The Navaratri is going to be all about fun, frolic, food and some amazing garba with friends and family. All you need to complete the night with awe and mesmerisation is the perfect chaniya choli for you. Just remember to pay a little attention to the colour and style that would suit you best, and also how you would have to carry it all day or all night long. Always place comfort slightly above looks, and you will see you have found just the perfect chaniya choli pair for yourself.

This garba, make heads turn not only with your moves but also with your chaniya choli.

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