Reasons to Go for VPS Server Dubai

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Are you in the look out of Dubai VPS hosting solutions? If this is the case then you must definitely go for the services of Onlive Server that has now outstretched its limitations to the Middle East by providing the best VPS server hosting solutions in Dubai.

While Dubai VPS Server hosting can actually be an expensive affair, there are companies like Onlive Server that have introduced affordable VPS solutions that the big and the small business entrepreneurs can avail without having to go through any kind of trouble. The market for technology in Dubai has achieved great heights of success and has helped businessmen in shaping their technical foundation while allowing them to make the effective use of the VPS platform for the growth of their businesses.

Dubai VPS for Small Businesses:

Even for the small scale and the medium scale businesses, Dubai VPS woks optimally as it provides sufficient hard disk space, bandwidth and other important elements needed for maintaining the server availability. In addition to this, the businessmen also get the ability of scaling their growing businesses without putting in a lot of investment.

Besides, a VPS server Dubai offers all the features of a dedicated server but without being exorbitantly rated as a dedicated server. So, all in all, it can rightly be said that VPS server hosting solutions in Dubai have come as a boon for all those companies that are looking to host their websites and be available to their users but within costs that they can easily afford.

Managed and Unmanaged VPS Dubai:

Businesses that require complete control on their hardware can make the choice of unmanaged VPS solutions in Dubai. This way they have complete control on their servers and they also get to manage their servers in their very own way. They get the flexibility of installing their applications of choice and configuring their systems based on what their requirements are. The entire procedure is quite cost-effective and beneficial for the businesses.

On the contrary, managed Dubai VPS hosting solutions relieve the users from the tension of controlling and managing their hardware. Everything is taken care of by a team of professionals working for the VPS server hosting provider in Dubai. All the major and minor management and control activities of the server starting from administration to proper configuration are managed by the experts with the users simply having to pay for the services received.

Highlights of Dubai VPS Solutions:

The very first highly of Dubai-based VPS servers is that they are available within an affordable range but only if you are successful in choosing the right provider. Next, the servers are compatible with both Linux and Windows operating system along with Ubuntu, Debian, Centos, Suse and Fedora. The users get 1 TB data transfer speed, 1 GB RAM and 30 GB storage space with the servers. KVM architecture hypervisor works for the users magically while there are other important elements also available within an affordable range.

Some frequently asked questions about Dubai VPS server hosting solutions are:

Q: What is VPS?

Ans: It is a setup that involves partitioned servers that are virtually dedicated to each user. The virtual servers in this setting are reliable, secure, fast and completely dedicated.

Q: Why go for VPS?

Ans: The main reason behind going for VPS is its dedicated resource allocation which is not available with any other server hosting solution.

Q: Can I upgrade the resources?

Ans: Yes, you have complete freedom of upgrading the allocated resources as and when required by making use of client areas console.

Q: What hardware types I get?

Ans: As far as server hardware comes into question, the VPS servers in Dubai are installed on powerful main nodes and they offer amazing connectivity.

Q: How to choose the right VPS plan as per my requirements?

Ans: You can always carry out a thorough study of your requirements to choose the right plan. However, if you are still not sure then you can contact your provider.

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