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In this ongoing modern lifestyle when people have no time to sit or eat for an hour, how can we think that they will find time to be fit and healthy? People nowadays are suffering from diseases and disorders that they never thought of, and one of them is male infertility. For the last few years, it is seen that the percentage of male suffering from infertility is increasing, and people are taking their sexual health and disorders very seriously.

Male infertility is a widespread issue seen nowadays that includes stimulation, orgasm, climax, and resolution that a male can undergo while during sexual intercourse with his partner. And if you are suffering from any kind of male sex-related issues like delayed ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, penis problem, and any other sexual illness. Then it is advised to cure their illness as it can affect your daily routine life and relationship with your partner. 

Whom should you consult when you’re having male infertility problems?

If you’re having any difficulty in attaining satisfying sexual intercourse with your partner or as a couple, you are unable to conceive a pregnancy, then it is a severe issue. And it is also possible that you are having any type of reproductive problem that is causing trouble to achieve sex. At that moment, you can seek the best sexologist In India to take guidance and help related to fertility. By proper evaluation, they can identify the issue and give you the best solution.

Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health is the best infertility clinic in Jaipur for evaluating your sexual disorder and getting the best solution with expert guidance. Dr. Chirag Bhandari deals with all types of male reproductive disorders and provides the best option to cure that disorder. He has experience of more than eight years in the field, and he is the best sexologist in Jaipur to rely on for your problems.

Why IASH is the best option for the infertility treatment of males?

Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health (IASH) is a well-known infertility specialist in Jaipur, acclaimed, and advanced male reproductive and sexual health care clinic dedicated to male and their sexual issues. With the latest approach towards sexual health, they treat each and every aspect of male sexual problems under a single roof so that men find their solution quickly. Their principles and approach to offer the best treatments make them unique, and they treat all their patients with the utmost care and compassion.

They are pioneers in serving evidence-based treatments that are done with highly-equipped machines and come with the highest success rates. They have highly equipped laboratories and surgical units to minimize the risks of any failure in your treatments. All the medications are taken under the guidance of Dr. Chirag Bhandari, the best sexologist in Jaipur. He is the head doctor of the infertility team, and all operations are taken care of under his eyes only. He got his skills in treating male infertility by many famous surgeons and institutes all over the world. And then, he came back to India to imply new strategies and techniques to treat the people who are infertile in India.

IASH, Jaipur, is the only infertility specialist clinic in Jaipur that offers online consultation services and offline counseling sessions by infertility experts to undermine the exact cause of infertility. Proper questions & answers are taken by the doctors for the couples to understand whether the issue is physical or psychological. And after rooting out the leading cause, they meticulously design the treatments accordingly. 

Treatments provided by experts at IASH 

IASH provides treatments for all kinds of sexual disorders, reproductive issues, infertility issues with the highest success rates at affordable prices. The procedures are designed, keeping in mind the needs of each patient. 

The treatments provided by IASH are given as follows: 

Male Infertility Treatments 

Medical infertility is generally a couple’s issue and requires the evaluation of both the male and female partners. A male sexual disorder like testosterone deficiency or testicular cancer are diagnosed under male infertility treatments. 

Doctors recommend solutions like assisted reproductive technologies (ART), including In-Vitro Fertilization ( IVF). ART only helps a couple to become parents if the male partner’s sperm count is low. But does not diagnose or cure the root of fertility. 

Male Sexual Treatments

Problems of sexual dysfunction like premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, and many others are treated with the latest shockwave therapy, injection therapy, and vacuum erection devices. 

Penis Surgeries

Penis surgeries is a treatment to enlarge the penis size permanently by procedures. Penile enlargement is carried out for psychological and physical satisfaction. They use non-surgical methods and use devices approved for the penile treatments by European Union, US-FDA, and several authorities. They increase the size of the penis by 4 cm and give rise of almost 1.5 cm by proper operation. 

Couple Therapies  

Couple therapy is basically the counseling and guidance to the married couple to resolve the relationship issues with them. The treatment is also known as marital therapy in which the doctor evaluates whether the cause of infertility is due to any psychological factor. And then they improve the quality of communication between them to open up for discussing the issue. 

By doing this, the couples start communicating with each other to understand each other better than before, which results in a stronger and more lovable bond with each other. The counseling session’s duration depends on the intensity of the problem and the solution that they are looking for. 

IASH, Jaipur- the ideal choice for male infertility treatments

Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health is the ideal choice for treating male infertility because it is the ultimate stop for any kind of sexual disorder. Whatever is the reason for your problem, IASH makes sure that you get the best treatment with the highest success rate in Jaipur. They care about their patient and try to design treatment according to your needs including the budget of the surgery. 

IASH has treated hundreds of patients who are now living a happy and sexually healthy life with their partner. People have given the clinic and Dr. Chirag Bhandari  (the best sexologist in Jaipur) genuine and good reviews on different websites (justdial, lybrate, and practo) about how IASH hash helped them to resolve their infertility issues and why IASH is the best infertility clinic in Jaipur. 

Dr. Chirag Bhandari- CEO of the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health, has various research training and fellowship from the world’s top-most universities like University College London Hospital, London, and Aristotle University. He gained knowledge of numerous international surgeries like 5S Penile Enlargement Surgeries, Shockwave therapies, Potency Reconstruction, and Penile Prosthesis. He implied them in his work to treat people who are infertile in India to become the best sexologist.

He also started a chat show named “Men are from mars and women are from venus” to break the taboo of talking about sex and sex-related issues in public. He offers online consultation to help people throughout the world resolve their reproductive-issues from any city, state, or even country. 

Services of the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health

  • IASH provides expert advice from sexual health experts.
  • IASH provides the utmost privacy 
  • IASH provides Ultra-modern technologies for the treatment
  • Their fees are affordable
  • IASH has the most efficient and helpful staff
  • IASH provides online consultation
  • IASH provides doorstep delivery services of medicine
  • IASH has got highest reviews and ranked on Practo, Lybrate, and other listing portals


Sexual health is as important as mental and physical health, and it is each individual’s responsibility to take care of their sexual health and wellness and disorders. If you are coming across any kind of reproductive problem or illness, then you must visit a sexologist to cure the disease. Visit IASH, Jaipur, and get the treatments from the best sexologist- Dr. Chirag Bhandari. 

For more queries, you can visit the website or visit the clinic for proper counseling with your partner. 

Address: 391, Vasundhara Colony, Tonk Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302018

Contact Number: 91 9602081813

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