How to Make a Stunning Fashion Logo for Your Online Store with DesignEvo?

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You might have heard the saying, “Dress to impress.” If you want to open an online clothing store, you need to do more than just offer a broad and attractive selection of footwear, apparel and accessories. To get an impressive logo is on your must-do list when you start your new online store.

A brilliant logo would help you a lot from building a visual identity to driving more traffic. A logo is an underpinned part of your brand visual identity. It will take the opportunity to make your customers get in touch from most common promotion material both online and offline and to make them remember your brand.

What Does a Good Fashion Logo Should Be?

Every business uses its logo to make the right impression on its target audience. You can communicate with your customers any message such as “elite clothing” or “reasonable prices.” Besides, a logo can convey attributes such as quality, style, durability, comfort and much more.

Be sure to consider the interests and expectations of your target audience. For example, a bright and cheerful logo is an excellent idea for a children’s clothing store. On the other hand, it is hardly appropriate for an online store that sells men’s clothing and accessories. When designing your future concept, consider the feeling and associations that your products are supposed to evoke.

Creating a Logo: Methods and Tools

Everything depends on your options. You can design a logo yourself, hire a designer or design studio, tender or use a specialized online service.

Well, all the approach mentioned above has its good and evil. If you are drawing badly or need time, be prepared to pay a higher price to a designer or design studio. If time does not matter, it may be a good idea to have an offer written out. Online services have become a nice alternative for non-designer with a limited budget.  Let us see here how you e.g. Use websites like DesignEvo to create an arresting logo for your online store.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a web-based tool specialized for helping users to create brilliant logos with millions of searchable icons at your disposal, over 100 selectable fonts, and over 10,000 prebuilt logo templates.

Start with choosing a fashion template

The template may be related to the fashion industry and have male or female silhouettes. Animal pictures can be a great choice for children’s clothing. In addition, your logo may contain accessories that you sell (gloves, hats, belts, goggles) or other garments.

As you follow popular trends, you should use fresh ideas to distinguish your logo from others.

You have over 10,000 templates for you to get logo inspiration, also would definitely save times. You can scroll through them or browse through the category of Fashion, or even search for them by keyword like Clothing. With this wide choice (regularly add new ones) you can surely find the one that is best suited to your needs, after which you can easily personalize it and make it yours making it among other things unique.

Change The Color

A clean color scheme can increase the effectiveness of your logo, just as an inappropriate color scheme drives out potential customers. Color can create a certain mood and create certain associations. For example, red symbolizes passion, activity, strength, energy and love. It is essential to find the right color to represent your brand identity.

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But which colors are good for the purchasing industry, especial fashion industries? First, look at bright colors that attract the attention of customers. Second, find out which attributes characterize your business.

Add a Font

The font is as important to your logo as color. The logo color combination influences the visual perception of your logo. it would affect how readable and memorable your logo text will be.

Readability. In addition to visual appeal, a font must be easy to show across different backgrounds (website header, social media page, business card, badge, t-shirt, etc.).

Balance. If your logo has little or no icon, you can play with more refined fonts.

DesignEvo provides you with a vast font library with more than 100 text fonts available. With all these graphics resources to enrich your logo and take it to a higher level of design and style should not be difficult.

That’s all you can learn from this article. Hope it would help you. Still, if you have any tips or tools to recommend, please feel free to comment on what’s your thought.

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