How do Safety Operating Procedures Change for Used Moffett Forklifts?

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Safety operating procedures are extremely important for any industry. However, when we talk about the material handling industry in particular, they become even more important. That is because the material handling industry is among the most dangerous there is, with accidents taking place regularly.

Despite the best efforts of the equipment manufacturers, the material handling firms and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), accidents still occur. This is an evident proof of how dangerous things can get around heavy machinery and why safety operating procedures are more important now than ever before to keep the operators and the crew safe.

The safety operating procedures have been designed by the OSHA to promote awareness and ensure safety in the work environment. Though the operating procedures are quite effective, yet they do not have a 100% success or implementation rate because there are always some uncontrolled variables in the mix.

The loads may not always be symmetrical or uniform for the forklift operator to stick to guidelines or there may be other obstacles in the surrounding environment. There also exists the possibility of used Moffett forklift for sale that are bought by businesses that may have varying safety features which makes compliance with the operating procedures difficult.

Used forklifts are purchased by businesses in order to save costs since not all businesses have the capital to afford brand new forklifts. This complicates things for regulators as far as safety regulations and safety operating procedures are concerned since used forklifts are older models and their safety features may be outdated. Older safety features may also put the forklift operator at risk since they have flaws in them, yet the market for pre-owned forklifts is ever increasing with more and more used forklifts being bought and sold than ever before.

This raises the question of safety operating procedures in terms of used forklifts and whether there are different operating procedures applicable for used forklifts and how businesses with older forklifts are able to implement OSHA regulations? We shall be looking to answer these questions in the article to follow by taking into consideration how businesses are currently operating with pre-owned forklifts.

Certainly the fact that the norm of pre-owned forklifts and their markets are expanding in size is proof of that they are a workable solution for businesses across the material handling industry in the USA. So let us take a look at whether safety operating procedures change for a business operating with used forklifts and if so, then how?

Do Safety Operating Procedures Change?

The safety operating procedures are applicable to all firms within the USA operating within the material handling industry and differ for different types of machineries. When it comes to forklifts, the OSHA is aware that a lot of managers will opt to purchase used forklift trucks for sale, however redesigning the safety procedures again and again would only cause confusion.

Therefore, the OSHA has set safety operating procedures that are applicable to more or less every model of forklift and can be followed by everyone (unless a major change in the design of forklift comes). The consistency in the safety operating procedures set forth by the OSHA makes it easier for businesses to find used forklifts that are already compliant with the regulations.

That is why they contact retailers such as Bobby Park Truck and Equipment who are adept at finding Moffett forklifts that are in good condition and would be easy to follow the safety operating procedures with.

An example of safety operating procedure that has remained consistent throughout the years of various forklift manufactured models is the pre-use inspection. This inspection includes inspecting the following:

  • Checking whether the horn works.
  • Checking for hydraulic leaks in the mast or anywhere else
  • Checking fuel connections and battery terminals
  • Checking for lint, grease, oil or other material that could catch fire
  • Checking the engine and whether it shows signs of overheating
  • Checking whether the controls such as the lift or the tilt work or not
  • Checking steering response
  • Checking reliability and dependability of brakes
  • Checking electrical components and lighting system
  • Checking the load plate and whether it can hold the weight assigned.

These pre-use inspection items have remained the same throughout the years and are applicable to every forklift whether diesel or electric, new or used. That is because the main elements of a forklift cannot change and neither can the physics behind its functionality.

Therefore, the safety operating procedures focus on maintaining safety through the underlying uniformity in the working principle of all forklifts. As such, they are applicable to used forklifts or brand new forklifts, as long as they have been manufactured in the modern era by manufacturers that are aware of OSHA regulations.

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