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Domain age is an important factor to rank in search engines. It is a sign of loyalty and credibility of a domain. It’s been proved that a long-running domain is more trusted by the search engines than the latest launched domain. Precisely for certain topics like health, beauty, and technology. 

The matter is how you check a domain age. There are many domain age checker tools that help you to identify the age of a domain. 

What is the domain age?

Area Age is one of the massive elements within the seek engine ranking of your website. A site that is registered more than 12 months ago can rank better in comparison to the brand new websites. Moz additionally considers this aspect while assigning internet site authority to a website. An internet site which is registered extra than five years in the past is considered as a solid company.

Prepostseo area is a checker device that permits you to test the time, while your domain name turned into registered and whilst it becomes up to date closing time.

Why check the age of a domain name?

There are different reasons that you want to check the age of a domain name, which is listed below.

But first, keep in mind that you can decide to check:

  • You want to buy that already existing domain name
  • Age of the domain name of your competitors
  • Just want to know the age of your own domain name.
  • Of course, the primary reason for checking the domain’s age is to know when the domain was registered and how it happened now.

Now, chances are you already know when you registered your operating domain name. So if you check it, this is not the best way to spend your time and it does not do much good to you (when you have forgotten after registering your domain name).

Which leaves us with the other two options:

  • Check the domain age of the name that you want to buy
  • Examining the age of competing domains
  • Checking the ages of your competitors’ domain name is just one thing for you: Now you know how long their domain names exist, so you know what you are competing with.

On the other hand, checking the age of a domain name that you are looking to buy, gives you an idea of ​​what you are going to do.

For these two reasons, there are the following reasons, due to which the age of the domain is known:

If you have an idea of ​​the size of the backlink profile of the domain name, it is a high chance that the linked link in an older domain name will be more.

Why? Because it has existed for a long time and some links can be collected over time.

The owner has made some efforts to build some quality backlinks, and the search engines have taken into account the quantity and quality of backlinks in the ranking of websites.

The SEO work done in the past by the previous owner to create a good link profile could be a big plus for future owners.

You have an idea of ​​how good the domain is in the search engine rankings, as mentioned above, it is likely that long domain names (with quality backlink profiles) will be very good in search. In fact, most SEO believes that the domain age is one of Google’s ranking factors.

If a domain has a good search engine ranking, it will save you a lot of time, money and effort. And checking your age gives you a sense of how good a name can be in search.

You have an idea of ​​how much traffic is being expected from long-established and established domains you can buy cheap domains which is profitable.

You have the reputation of the domain name that an entirely new domain name means to start with a scratch to create a good reputation. But long-established domain names sometimes have a positive reputation already established within their market area.

This means that users have already developed some trust for the name because it has been there and they already know it. By checking the age of the domain, you know how long it is for.

You have an idea of ​​how bad the domain name can be with the above four points, you can begin to think that all long-established domain names are clean and heavenly. Do not turn it, they are not all right.

After checking the age of a domain name and finding out that it has existed for a long time, you can then try to find out that some negativity is associated with the domain name and for how long.


For example, the previous owners may be employing Black Hat SEO techniques to try to gain some search engine gains.

Another problem related to some existing domain names is a bad reputation among users. Some users may have tagged the website as blocked or spam or malware. If these flaws are not removed, then the future of the domain may be at stake.

By checking the domain name, you know how long it has existed, so you can do an underground check before buying it.

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