Digital Marketing: Understand the new era of Marketing and business.

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What is Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing? Why is it essential to understand the impact of this new method of marketing for a business today?

Undoubtedly, in the past few years, marketing and publicity have become an incessant changing industry.

Along with the changes that this outbreak of Internet have brought in, the new methods in which is possible to develop marketing techniques have positively influenced the business industry.

This rapid evolution and incessant innovations have created a new concept of Marketing and Publicity: Marketing has become irrevocably dependent of the Digital world and some concepts as, SEM, SEO, and PPC have taken the stage.

Nowadays, any business aimed to success can’t deny that Internet and digital tools such as Facebook or Search Engines as Google has led to a transformation on the way in which customer and business related to each other.

Publicity is no longer a mere impact on users but a way of interacting between this potential customer and the advertiser. Undeniably, Digital Media and the new concept of advertising come up as a strategy to satisfy and make a visual impact on customers, better than just introduce series of ads that in the end turn out considerably intrusive.                     

If we talk about Digital Marketing services, and techniques to increase visibility on the new Digital environment that rules today, then we need to bring out Search Engine marketing concept, also denominated, PPC or pay per click.

SEM and PPC are basically the most effective ways to promote a web site. If SEM is optimised, this website will be shown over the first positions on a Search Engine as Google or Yahoo, when a related service or product is sought by a user.

But, Why is that relevant that your website is well positioned on Google? Let me explain it quick and simple:

Same as for a Physical business (let’s say a shop), its chances of business success considerably depend on its location. If the shop is situated in the center of a bigger city (it would be Google) , easily spotted by potential clients, even better, on a shopping street swept across by people specifically looking for buying, then your chances or selling and increase the productivity your shop will be guaranteed.

So, the location of our business will be a vital aspect, as its visibility to the public will lead to future purchase, that at the same time, will determine the business success or failure.

This is reason why relevant companies, aimed to implement their online and digital visibility (that ultimately end up in sells and fruitful business activity), lead their business objectives towards this area of Digital Marketing, as everyday more and more companies rely on Search Engines Marketing, the proven key of today success to develop and grow a business.

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This article is written by Raquel Rozada SEO Copywriter for GlocMedia, SEO agency in London.

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