Details of Orthopedic Physical Therapy

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Physical therapy is a rehabilitation treatment suggested by physicians mostly after a surgery or a stroke. After a surgery physical therapy is required to reduce or remove pain and manage the flexibility of the body.

Even after a stroke, the therapy is needed to recover from it. Often there will be a risk of stroke returning, therefore the therapy is undertaken. There are several instances where physical therapy is needed.

The Different Types Of Physical Therapies Are As Follows:

  • Pediatric physical therapy
  • Geriatric physical therapy
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Orthopedic physical therapy
  • Cardiovascular or Pulmonary physical therapy and
  • Neurological physical therapy

All of the above mentioned physical therapies are used whenever required for a specific reason. There are specialists or therapists under whose careful expertise these therapies are given to the patients.

Physical Therapy Post-Surgery:

Among all the listed physical therapies, orthopedic physical therapy treatments are the one which is needed often by patients. This therapy is concerned with joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones.

If there is an injury, pain or illness in any of these parts, it is a sign to consult a physical therapist. There are special therapists who are trained in orthopedic physical therapy.

The reasons To Undergo Orthopedic Physical Therapy Are:

  • Fractures – after a fracture, while the patient is recovering orthopedic physical therapy is given.
  • Muscle strains – to relieve from muscle strains.
  • Ligament sprains – to relieve from ligament sprains and to avoid worsening the condition.
  •  Post-operative conditions – after surgery, the joints and muscles may be stiff. Hence, orthopedic physical therapy is given.
  •    Tendonitis – to avoid or recover from tendon tears or similar casualties.

Usually, there may be some limitations to be maintained after surgery. In order to get back to the day to day routines, orthopedic physical therapy can work wonders. The mobility functioning of the body can improve quickly and safely.

All the bony or soft tissue structures in the body can be brought back to normal functioning. The orthopedic physical therapists help the patients to exercise in the right way. This will help to fully mobilize the joints and regain balance.

The exercises will also help to strengthen the muscles, bones, and tissues. Stretching and flexibility exercises will improve the condition in an extremely healthy manner. This is sometimes the most favorable non-surgical mode of treatment.

Medicinal Treatment:

Most of the time, orthopedic physical therapy is accompanied by medicines too. This medication will be subscribed by the surgeon or the therapist. These orthopedic medicines are given to target on bones, muscles, tissues, tendons, ligaments, and joints in the body.

They help relieve pains and sprains. Sometimes, these medicines help to ease blood flow and tension in the muscles and tissues. Because an increase in blood flow will increase the flow of oxygen and keep the muscles healthy.

There are also injections given as part of Orthopedic Medicine for knee pain. One such notable injection is cortisone injection which is an anti-inflammatory medication. This is directly injected into joints to reduce inflammation and pain post-surgery.

Another medication is given as a therapy which is known as Viscosupplementation therapy. In this medicinal therapy, hyaluronic acid is used to revive back the lubricating and cushioning properties of joints.


Orthopedic physical therapy can help us stay healthy and fit in many ways. It can solve many of the health issues in a non-surgical manner. And, can even prevent surgeries or other casualties such as strokes.

Orthopedic medicines have been a proven way to avoid surgeries and also relieve pain post-surgery. Among the above-discussed pros so far, there are other benefits of this therapy and medication.

The therapy can also manage age-related issues such as joint pains. If the elderly people have undergone knee or joint replacement, then the therapy helps in recovering. Arthritic or osteoporotic conditions can also be managed.

This therapy can also help prevent heart and lung diseases by breathing exercises mainly. It also plays a major role in women’s health and other conditions. Women can benefit during pregnancy and also with postpartum care.

Everyone from a child to an old-age person can profit from orthopedic physical therapy.  It is a boon for all kinds of illnesses, injuries or post-surgery issues. By approaching best therapists who are skilled in orthopedics, we can have solutions to all our muscle-skeletal issues.

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