Budget European Destinations For Students

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Being a student is very difficult with student loans, college, assignments, and a lot of other things. Amidst all of these, planning for a trip takes them a lot of courage due to their financial conditions. But, it is important for a student to travel as it helps them learn about different cultures, gives them the opportunity to explore their interests and so on.

For those who are on a tight budget yet can space enough to travel, below is a list of places in Europe that you can visit within your budget. You could also look for cheap packages to Europe.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country that houses 14-century buildings, Medieval castles, museums, Gothic churches, concert halls, and fortresses. Prague is the best-known destinations for budget traveling and vacationing. This country is home to world-famous beers, well-preserved architecture, and pleasant nature. The place is easily affordable.


Bulgaria is one of the most interesting destinations in the whole of Eastern European because of its rich history,  friendly people, amazing architecture, and delicious cuisine. This country is a cultural fusion which is influenced by Greek, Persian, Slavic, and Ottoman. Because of this, students have the opportunity to experience various types of cultures in one country. Although the country is a bit offbeat and not mainstream, for a student with a limited budget, it is a great experience.


Poland is always among the top destinations for students because of how low the prices are compared to other countries. Students can fulfill their vacation and see a lot of places and fit in their budget at the same time. Some of the places to see in Poland are Slowinski National Park,  Tatra Mountains, Wawel Castle, Jasna Gora Monastery, Lazienki Park, Krakow Cloth Hall, and many other sights.


Each and every town in Romania has Old Town areas where students can admire the architecture that has been done before centuries. For students belonging in the architecture background, there is plenty of scopes to learn about it in this country. The Bran Castle or Dracula’s Castle is a must visit when in Romania for a thrilling experience.


Hungary, like any other European nation, boasts incredible cathedrals, parks, castles, hotels, squares, and thermal spas. For students, Budapest is the perfect destination as the food, accommodation, and transportation are relatively cheap.

Additionally, it is best to not look for hotels in the central parts of the busy parts of the city as they are expensive. Instead, look for rooms, or hostels a bit outside the city.

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