Best Surgeon For Hair Transplant In Jaipur

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Hair transplant in Jaipur

In the year 2020 Jaipur experienced tragic events, a hopeful future, and more clear and appreciated life. As people are now more inclined towards self-care and self-love, the demand for cosmetic surgeries has increased to a significant percentage.

Hair transplant is one such cosmetic surgery that has helped a lot many people to regain lost confidence and smile after defeating the hair fall problem permanently. As the demand for hair transplant surgery increased the number of malicious and fraud, people trying to mint the money through fake treatment also increased. The newspapers and TV run many advertisements of magical treatment that makes hair grow in no time. It is advisable for the readers to be cautious and attentive while choosing the treatment to cure their hair fall problems.

Hair transplant is a bliss for the people who are facing hair fall problems for a long period. A hair transplant is a surgical procedure, and it needs the specialist or expert to undergo the surgery. It becomes difficult to choose the best surgeon for hair transplant in India among the list of endless numbers of doctors listed under different websites.

2020 Best Surgeon For Hair Transplant In Jaipur

I follow three best rated which is a rank giving website that closely analyzes the market leaders or industry setters of specific fields and then ranks them according to their

  • Authenticity of information 
  • Skillset and efficiency capabilities
  • Reviews and ratings`

Dr. Sachin Sharda of Jaipur skin City has been nominated as the best surgeon for hair transplant in 2020 by the reputed ranking website Jaipur Skin City or JSC is primarily located in the capital city of Rajasthan Jaipur. The Pink City of India is becoming a new hub for medical treatment or cosmetic treatments because of its affordable and advanced treatments. The developed infrastructure, easy conveyance also allures many patients from all over India to come for the treatment. 

The best surgeon of Jaipur provides all his patients the highest quality dermatology and cosmetology services at unbelievably affordable prices. Founded in 2011, the clinic is Rajasthan’s first skin and hair clinic. They have two fully operational branches near Mansarovar and Tonk road. It is not only Jaipur’s but Rajasthan’s first Hair Transplant center exclusively for FUE Hair Transplant surgeries. They give treatment to their patient only after having deeply personalized counseling.

Understanding Hair Transplant Surgery

Losing hair or baldness is a nightmare for all of us. But in recent times hair transplant surgery has been a boon and has helped a lot many people have a normal and confident life even after a total loss of their original hair. Though there are many other remedies to stop hair, hair transplant is the most advanced and popular method to get rid of all hair problems permanently.

Hair transplant surgery propagates natural and trustworthy results as compared to hair wig and artificial streaks or hair growing medicine.

Procedure for Hair Transplant

In the procedure, they take out hair follicles from the contributor area which is always back and sides of your head and implanted in the recipient area which is usually at the front. The reason they choose backside hair as the donor is because the area has permanent follicles and is only hormone-sensitive while the frontal part has temporary follicles and can get affected by growing age too.

FUE and FUT 

There are two ways of doing the surgery. The basic difference lies in the volume of hair that is plucked for the hair transplant. FUE  is an advanced method that is cheaper than FUT older methods.

Cost of the Hair Transplant Surgery in Jaipur :

Hair Transplant treatment Cost differs from case to case depending on the number of follicles required. It also depends upon how renowned your doctor is, and even in which city of India you live in.

Side-Effects of Hair transplant;

A happier and more confident smile is only what you will have as a side- effects of hair transplant surgery.

Thus in hair transplant, permanent follicles (hair) are embedded in the hairless area. The transplanted hair gradually becomes natural hair and never falls again.

The specialist or hair transplant surgeon does the hair transplant surgery as it is very complicated and sensitive surgeries to perform on the human skull. The surgeon needs to be qualified and have extensive skills and experience in his area. He should be able to provide a successful hair transplant surgery with minimum risk.

Three Best Rated company has taken a noble initiative in identifying the best of the industry in every prudent manner.

They closely observe the candidate’s profile, qualifications, experience and how the patients or their customers are reviewing them. 

Their criteria to choose the best involves how authentic their information is and how skillful the surgeon is. I personally find Dr Sachin Sharda is appropriately chosen as the best hair transplant surgeon of Jaipur for 2020. I would like to share the few qualities for making him the right contender for the top-ranking award.

Qualities  Needed In Your Hair Transplant Surgeon

Proper Qualification

Dr. Sharda got his M.D. (Dermatology) from the renowned  S.M.S. Medical College, Jaipur. It is essential to choose the surgeon who has the right qualification for hair transplant surgery.

Vast Experience in his field

 A surgeon having a vast and impressive skill set gives better and successful results. Dr. Sachin Sharda has been providing his services since 2011.

Moderate Consultation fees

The consultation fees of the surgeon is only Rs 400. His charges are affordable and facilities are the best to adhere to.

Authentic information

Dr. Sharda the founder of Jaipur skin city has all the authentic and detailed information of their treatment and process on their website. Such transparency is the major reason for choosing him as the best surgeon.Even their youtube videos are authentic and descriptive.

Focused Treatment Method

He provides the latest treatments with a foreign machine with world class titanium materials to give the strongest results his treatments includes Hair Transplant, FUE Technique, PRP Hair Loss, Scalp Micropigmentation, Laser Treatments, FUT Technique, Vitiligo Treatment, White Patches & Skin Treatments

Cordial Patient-Doctor Relationship

He is interested in getting to the patient’s problem and makes unique bonding with them. I consider a surgeon who can make such a rapport with his patient is the best one.

 Easy Accessibility

I suggest it is good to consult a specialist close to your location. Dr Sachin Sharda has 2 operational branches, one in Tonk Road the heart of the city, and others in Pratap Nagar, the most populated outer region of the city. 


If you are experiencing hair loss or baldness problems, visit Jaipur Skin city earliest to have an appointment with the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon In Jaipur for 2020. As discussed earlier hair transplant is a surgical treatment and you need the best and specialist to do the surgery. According to my personal recommendation and even according to the three best rated it is Dr. Sachin Sharda for 2020.  So visit the website and book your appointment right now.

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