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The way you able to use 9Apps Store in your android phone same way you can use the 9apps app free download for PC and desktop. The best part you can install 9Apps Store in all types of windows Operating system above Windows NT Workstation 4.0Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Me, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The size of this application for PAC and Desktop is 2.5MB.

Before we get in specification I will help you how to download this 9apps app free download for PC in your Windows. There is not much different while downloading the application on PC and Desktop, just bit different from android phone:

How to Install 9apps app free download for PC and Desktop

  • Open your PC, Laptop or Desktop browser and type www.9app.co.in and click enter
  • Once the website is open, Go to category 9app  for PC
  • There you will able to see Download application for PC (Click on that)
  • Once Application is downloaded, Go to download folder and Click in 9Apps downloaded file to Install.
  • Once you Click on Install, it will ask your authorization for Install and you need to select Yes.
  • Once Application is Installed and open you will get pop-up screen box showing term and condition.
  • You need to Accept that and click on next and then Finish.
  • Your 9apps app free download for PC is ready for use.

Now you can enjoy this application same way you able to use and enjoy in your android phone, also you can Download and Install all needful application of your choice and need without any trouble.

The best part of 9apps app free download for PC is that it now available all over the world, this application is only available for PAC, Laptop or Desktop in India and Indonesia. This app hasa huge range of apps and games are found in the third party app store, this app is one of the most silent app stores for Android devices with most attractive wallpapers and ringtones are incurred in this app an extremely free app which can be attained from the file of APK.

You can see all types of option which you may like and want from your 9apps app free download for PC. You can use same as you use your Google Play Store, you can download RINGTONE, WALLPAPER, GAMES & APPS  and all OTHER SHORT OF APPLICATION you need for your computer. Which will be completely free without spending any penny.

The most downloaded application from 9apps app free download for PC are

  • Folding Keypad Lockscreen
  • Launcher HD
  • Automatic Wallpaper Changer
  • Rey Music Player
  • Top Free Mp3 Music Player
  • Birds Sound Ring Tones
  • Caller Name Announcer
  • DJ Music Pad
  • Video Editor
  • Talking Parrot Free
  • Photo Cube LIVE Wallpaper
  • Bra Size Scanner
  • GirlFriend Fake Call and SMS
  • Finger Print Screen Lock
  • DJ Music Equalizer
  • 3D Fury Racing

This all application you can easily use in your Phone as well as in your PC, Laptop and Desktop.

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