7 Perfect Places to Travel Alone in Metro Manila for Spirited Solo Travelers

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The gorgeous capital of the remarkable archipelago of Philippines, Manila is among the best places to visit in the world. There are some absolutely perfect places to travel alone in Metro Manila for ardent solo travelers as well. Let’s admit it. We all need a break once in a while not just from everything, but also from everyone.

Being able to travel and explore a new destination alone brings with it an unmatched sense of freedom. There are several quiet places in Manila that will give you that ideal escape from your everyday busy life. So, this year, take some time out and visit at least a couple of the below-listed awesome places to travel alone in Metro Manila.

Where to Go Alone in Metro Manila:

Whether you wish to plan a detailed trip or simply take off on last minute flights, be assured that there is plenty to see and do in Metro Manila. There are stress-reliever places in Manila as well as popular hangout joints you can visit alone. Take a quick look at the ensuing list of the best places to travel alone in Metro Manila and decide which one you’d like to hit up first.

1. Washington Sycip Park

Washington Sycip Park metro manilla

If you’re looking for soul-searching places in Metro Manila, Washington Sycip Park is the best one. This small but stunning patch of green is a refreshing change from the concrete jungle in the city. There are benches set for people to read, work, or simply relax with loved ones. Lush green trees, a fish pond, and a play area have added to the park’s charming ambiance. It’s not just among the best places to travel alone in Metro Manila. It’s also among the most Instagrammable places to visit in the Philippines.

2. National Museum

National Museum in manilla

This is among the top places to travel alone in Metro Manila especially for art lovers arriving in the city on business class flights. With admission to the museum made permanently free, you can visit this remarkable place as many times as you want! Learn about the history of Metro Manila and be enthralled by various ancient artifacts and other exhibits. You can also visit the historic region of Intramuros located a mere stone’s throw away.

3. Book and Borders Café

Book and Borders Cafe manilla

Co-owned by a couple of celebrities, this delightful café is among the best places to travel alone in Metro Manila for caffeine-cum-book lovers. They have an impressive collection of over 600 books to choose from. Pick your spot, plonk down, and enjoy an undisturbed couple of hours drowned in a book of your choice. Besides the peaceful ambiance and stylish decor, you can enjoy alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. They also serve rice meals and breakfast. What could be better than this!

4. Paco Park

Paco Park

A quieter alternative to the super-famous Rizal Park, Paco Park is among the best soul-searching places in Metro Manila. Maintained extremely well, the park is replete with lush greenery that will offer you the most authentic and amazing back-to-nature experience. There is a rich history behind the park as it once used to be a cemetery dating back to the Spanish era. Even today, the traditional colonial architecture of the place is intact. It’s among the best places to travel alone in Metro Manila for solitude seekers.

5. Director’s Club

5. Director’s Club manilla

If you love cinema and have no qualms watching a movie alone, this is among the most perfect places for solo travel in Manila for you. Although a bit pricey, Director’s Club is well worth the money. There are small tables between seats so that you won’t even accidentally touch someone else. Want a refill? Just push the button that will summon super-friendly staff to do your bidding! This is a great way for ardent movie buffs to enjoy a movie undisturbed.

6. Kallista Nail Pamper Salon

Kallista Nail Pamper Salon

For women who’d like to indulge in a bit of “me-time,” this is among the best places for solo travel in Manila. Recently opened, this remarkable Grecian-inspired haven is perpetually welcoming large throngs of locals and tourists alike. The high ceilings, plush seating, and nude-cum-gold interiors have made this posh place a hit among women of all ages. So, relax with a complimentary iced tea or coffee while enjoying a range of amazing nail, hair, skin, feet, and other treatments.

7. Hub: Make Lab

Hub: Make Lab manilla

Are you a shopaholic booking low cost flights to Manila for a solo trip? Then this is among the best places to travel alone in Metro Manila for you! You don’t even need to buy something at Hub: Make Lab if you don’t want to. You will indulge in a unique kind of retail therapy here. Walk through the place and check out stalls that sell everything from vintage vinyl and homegrown items to paper crafts and unique apparel among other things. It’s a great place for solo travel in Manila without actually feeling alone.

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