6 Top-Notch HR Tech Features – To Maintain Your Workforce Management

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Every company is now on a lookout for the right kind of software that can track A-Z of HR requirements. Some companies have their own software, whereas many others rely on just pure HR skills. Well with technology having a ravishing impact on us all in the last few years, there are few such software that has given a productive workforce.

One of them is Workforce Management Software, which helps you track the employee work hours, company’s administration and performance by also following compliance parameters and having an overall smooth workflow. Companies today are also looking at this software as a way to improve employee engagement and enhancing talent strategies.

Workforce Management Software

There are many Workforce Management software options that are available in the market so making the right choice might be confusing at times. So here is a list of six features that could achieve your ultimate objectives of using any workforce management software.

Top 6 HR Tech Features to Maintain Your WMS

#6 Ease of Usability, Mobile Experience and Cloud System

  • For the employers and the employees using the system regularly, a user- friendly design is a lot critical. Employees would want to fetch their information in the least amount of clicks. With the popularity of mobile devices, it is important that the WFM software allows the employees to access timetables, work hours and many more all from their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. Mobile compatibility has the power to have a huge impact on employee productivity.
Ease of Usability, Mobile Experience and Cloud system
  • Organization in order to save the hassles of upgrading the system after every three or four years, they have come up with cloud HRMS software which provides features that are easy to use which manages the cycle of hire- retire through a well-designed dashboard.

#5 Payroll and Benefits Management

  • A good Workforce Management Software is incomplete without having the ability to generate timely and accurate payroll. WFM systems must have a payroll automation module so that it can help in streamlining the payroll process. Payroll automation has a high level of security and audit features which makes sure that payrolls, reports and receipts are generated easily. With the help of attendance machines and biometrics, it ensures that the payroll is processed using accurate information.
Payroll and Benefits Management
  • Benefits Management includes Medical Allowance, LTA, maternity leave, sick leave and pension plans. Employee benefits have been sure to improve its productivity mainly as employees will find it more effective when they are completely sure about the security of  themselves and their families

 #4 Attendance and Leave Management

  • One of the seemingly most important things that need tracking in any organisation is the attendance of the employees. Manual attendance is simply a waste of time and energy, as it might simply impact payroll and leave management modules. 
  • Make sure that the HR software tracks effortless record and report of all your employees time in office including holidays. All the data must be neatly compiled by the WFM at the end of the month.
Attendance and Leave Management
  • To succeed as an organization, having a dependable leave management system is very important. Time and attendance management software helps to manage your workforce and track employee time and attendance in a more efficient way, where employees can apply for any sick leaves or privilege leaves. Hence it is better to have time and attendance module in the WFM software.

#3 Powerful Reporting

  • The HR department is in need of reports every year to present reports about employees to managers. There are also many compliance reports that are created on a regular basis. Such well prepare and efficient reports help in appraisals, the number of new employees, calculating performances and many other factors that have undergone changes in the course of the year
Powerful Reporting
  • An automated HR software will help you save time and effort of creating many such manual reports. The WFM software should also allow you to build custom reports and prepare various different graphical representations for your complete data.

#2 Shift and Overtime Management

  • Managers of the companies where employees tend to work in different shifts need to consider various aspects such as work schedules, rotation shift, night shifts and employee schedules. 
  • It is very much important for them to have a system which defines the shift timings, break timings and mainly the shift rules. Some companies also pay the employees depending on their shift, which is why organizations should have good WFM software.
Shift and Overtime Management
  • The overtime of the workers also needs to be considered. Mainly the hours for which the workers have almost worked overtime where it is calculated and appropriate compensation needs to be provided. Such organisations should follow shift and overtime management in their WFM system.

#1 Performance Management

  • Monitoring and knowing the performance of each employee when it comes to overall work is vital. Organizations should have a system that contains the performance data of every employee. The performance management software provides monitoring and also contains guides for creating and filling forms.
Performance Management
  • It is also best used for creating multiple assessments frameworks, feedbacks and review cycles for multiple different user groups. Mostly helps in providing necessary notifications to all the employees and also delivers a review system for each individual.

Regardless of the size of your company, it is a known fact that issues regarding compensation and employee engagement will be more challenging with every passing day. Good and efficient software can help to reduce these complexities and make the HR processes easy.

Darwin Box with a powerful HRMS platform provides the right Workforce management system. With a clear focus in scalability, evaluating the right objectives and the best standards, our platform focuses on issues that are on the top of every HR person’s mind.

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