6 Reasons Women Love Assertive Men That You Can Copy

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Most men linkify women love strong, powerful assertive men. Many “nice guys” out there wonder why women go after assholes and not kind, sweet men; that is a puzzle they just can’t solve. The truth is, no woman loves an asshole, but women do love assertive men who take what they want when they want it, as opposed to shy men unable to make the first move.

If you’ve been sitting back watching these assertive men take women out from under you for too long, look to our seven reasons why women love assertive men. Maybe it’s time for a game changer, buddy. If you are movie lover you should try streamlikers to watch movies.


An assertive man beams with confidence

Usually a man who is strong and assertive is very sure of himself. He is never afraid to smile, and he walks into the room like he owns the place. It doesn’t matter if he’s in a suit or his pajamas-an assertive man will always be confident. And women are always drawn to a confident man who flashes them a smile. Be a little more out-going and build up your self esteem.


An assertive man makes the first move

Like we said before, an assertive man takes what he wants when he wants it. It is extremely flattering to women when a strong, confident, assertive man shows interest in them and pursues them. A little chase for both the man and woman is exhilarating. To be more like an assertive man, you have to take the bull by the horns and stop stammering when you ask a woman out to dinner.

An assertive man is good in bed

Sure women like to be in control sometimes, but they can’t deny that it is absolutely breathtaking when a man takes charge in the bedroom like assertive men do. They take charge, yet they know exactly how hard is too hard. Just loosen up a little bit, watch some porn and whisk her off her feet in the bedroom.

Assertive men make great fathers

When a woman sees an assertive man, she subconsciously envisions him as a great father because of his delegating abilities. She knows that he will be loving, yet stern and raise good, well-mannered children. To show a woman you can also be a great dad, be playful with children around her, yet don’t give in to crazy requests like buying a six year old an iPhone.

Assertive men take control of the household

When a woman sees a powerful, assertive man she knows that he will be in control on the household and take care of her. With a shy, quiet man she may have to carry the responsibilities in the house, financially and otherwise. With an assertive man, she knows that he will do his best to put food on the table and make her life as comfortable as possible.

An assertive man treats his woman like a lady

Okay, we’re for female empowerment and all, but sometimes women do love being treated like the fragile creatures they are. A strong man always takes care of his woman and puts her before himself. If there’s an earthquake, she knows he’ll pick her up in a millisecond and rush outside, while a shy, submissive person might not be able to do that.

An assertive man is powerful

No matter what anybody says, we know women love big, tall, handsome and powerful men. An assertive man is a sign of power, hence a sign of fertility, wealth and strength-things every woman wants in a partner. You have to rise above in your life for a woman to find you powerful, so work on yourself—get a job, work out and truly find yourself.

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